Modern homes throughout the United States are built to be well-sealed. What this means is that these homes will experience much less air leakage in and out of the house. This is fantastic for the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems as it eases the job they have to do. However, as efficient as these homes are, they won’t be able to offer you very good indoor air quality in Prescott Valley, AZ.

Not sure what your indoor air quality has to do with your comfort or how a well-sealed home impacts it? We can answer these questions and more below. We can also offer systems and services to improve your IAQ too.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality, as you may have guessed, refers to the quality of the air inside your home. This air quality can be impacted by a variety of factors such as dust, dirt, fur, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Too many contaminants can reduce the quality of the air in your home. Likewise, factors such as humidity, or lack thereof, can also negatively impact your indoor air quality (IAQ) and hinder your comfort too

Why a Well-Sealed Home Creates Poor Air Quality

It might seem like a home that is built to be tightly sealed is going to be great for your IAQ. The truth, however, is the opposite. This is because any contaminants that enter your home throughout the day, are essentially trapped in your home. It is also because well-sealed homes don’t usually have good fresh airflow, leaving residents feeling tired out because of the overly-filtered air more often than not.

How We Can Help Boost Your IAQ

Having a well-sealed home shouldn’t leave you choosing between cooling comfort and good IAQ. You can have both! When you work with the team at Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating, you will enjoy the assistance of a trained professional who can assess your air quality needs and pair you with a system that will best help boost your IAQ.

These are some of the systems we can install and maintain to improve your home’s IAQ:

  • Air cleaners/ purifiers: Air cleaners and purifiers are going to be your first and best line of defense against airborne contaminants. This includes a variety of particles ranging from things like dust, pollen, and dirt to fur, allergens, viruses, and even mold spores. Air purifiers can help clean the air in your home and leave you feeling more comfortable and healthier too.
  • Whole-house humidifiers: Humidity levels can help or hinder your home comfort. Even in the summer, air that is overly dry in your home is going to leave you feeling uncomfortable. During summer or winter, you can rely on a whole-house humidifier to keep the moisture level in your home where it needs to be so you can enjoy optimal comfort.

Are you ready to enjoy optimal comfort in your modern home? If so, we can help! Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to get started.

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