Many of us are still working at home for the majority of the time. While this tends to be safer, it may not always be the most comfortable if you have poor indoor air quality. A home that is full of irritants like dust, pollen, and other contaminants is going to cause problems during those video meetings when you can’t quit sneezing.

There are benefits to installing an indoor air quality system like an air purifier in Prescott Valley, AZ. These systems can have a huge impact on your home comfort and your health in the long run. Let us explain the perks of these systems so you can see if one might be a good fit for your needs.

Two Types of Air Purifiers

Air purification systems are a great addition to any home with residents who want to breathe easy while they are relaxing in the house. These systems clean the air of a variety of contaminants, leaving your home more comfortable and healthier than before.

But did you know there is more than one type of purification system? Here are the two you should know about:

  • Electric purifiers: An electric purifier is going to charge any particles flowing through your ductwork allowing them to be drawn to a magnetic plate which can then be cleaned off.
  • UV light purifiers: UV light purifiers utilize ultraviolet light to destroy airborne particles and render them as harmless as dust.

For both of these systems, the purifier is installed into your ductwork to effectively clean the air that enters your home.

The Perks of Adding an Air Purifier To Your Home

If you are having trouble with respiratory problems, allergies, high dust levels, and other indoor air quality issues, then it may be a good idea to have a purification system installed as a part of your HVAC system. If you choose to have one installed, you’ll enjoy perks such as:

  • Reduce health problems: Air purifiers can capture or destroy airborne viruses and bacteria that might otherwise cause you or your loved ones to become ill. This will also help to reduce respiratory issues like asthma.
  • Reduce unpleasant odors: Purifiers can also add the perk of reducing unpleasant smells in your home. That means that your home won’t need to smell like you just cooked dinner for the entire week.
  • Improved HVAC operation: With the help of your purifier, you can keep the interior of your air conditioner and heater a lot cleaner than they might be otherwise. This can extend your system’s operational lifespan and even reduce issues.

If you are looking to install an air purification system in your home, then your best option is to reach out to a team of professional technicians to get the job done. A pro will be able to assess your air quality needs and ensure you are paired with the best system possible to get your indoor comfort to where it needs to be.

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