The countdown to the big holidays has gotten down into the low numbers faster than you thought. Suddenly you are looking at a little over a week of time to prepare gifts for those loved ones that you may have a chance to see this year. Don’t panic because we can help you figure out some ideas for great gifts this year. Even better, we can help you with finding a little something for yourself too!

Check out the gift ideas we’ve collected below for you. Hopefully, these will help take away some of the stress you might be dealing with and allow you to stay more comfortable as we wrap up the year too.

5 Great Gift Ideas

Down to the wire on getting gifts for friends and family this season? Not to worry we’ve all been there. Here are some great ideas that you may be able to use:

  1. Put together some hot cocoa mixes: Nothing says heartfelt like homemade! And if you are tight on time, these hot cocoa mixes are easy to do. Pick up some mason jars and ingredients for the grocery store and put it all together to make a unique gift that your loved ones will truly enjoy on a cold night. Spice things up with chili pepper or cardamom or make the mix a little fancy with mint or caramels.
  2. Invest in something cozy: Temperatures have been chilly so who wouldn’t love something to get cozy in? Find fuzzy socks, big blankets, and thick scarves on sites like Etsy or Amazon. These gifts are great for movie nights or just for staying warm throughout the day.
  3. Offer your time: Remember those silly coupons we used to give people for “one free meal” or other options? You don’t need to make a coupon book but offering your time or your help to people can be a huge benefit to them. A free night of babysitting, a meal you make and deliver, or even assistance with an overgrown backyard are all gifts that will be well appreciated.
  4. Make a movie night box: We are all spending extra time indoors so it is the perfect time to catch up on shows and movies you may have missed thanks to your busy schedule. Get creative by grabbing a box and putting together items that would make for a perfect movie night like popcorn, favorite candies, drink mixes, and maybe even a DVD. This is a great idea for parents who are looking for ways to enjoy a night in.
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