Are you ready for nights spent with the family in a cozy home? Maybe you are gearing up to visit the Prescott Valley of Lights next week. Whatever you are preparing for or planning, it is made much easier when you aren’t shivering while you do it. That is why we want you to know that you can come to us for your heating system repairs in Prescott Valley.

The last thing anyone wants to have to deal with is a faulty heater–especially when they are trying to prepare a meal for out-of-town family members that they haven’t gotten to see at all this year. If you start to notice something is up with your heater, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team can diagnose and fix whatever is going wrong with your system so you can enjoy the comfort you deserve.

“What’s Wrong With My Heater?”

A lot of people in the area may be asking this question right now. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, repairs are still going to pop up. Now that all of us have been starting up our heaters, that is when those repair needs will become apparent.

If you are wondering what is wrong with your heater, help from an expert technician is going to be the best solution you could ask for. So keep on the alert for these signs of trouble like these and contact us to get them taken care of.

  • Your heater is making loud noises. A noisy heat pump or furnace isn’t going to be something you should ignore. While these systems aren’t going to run silently, loud and strange noises like banging, rattling, screeching, and other sounds should prompt you to schedule repairs ASAP.
  • The house isn’t warming up well. Let’s say you turn on your heater and it seems to run for hours but there is little to no change in the comfort of your home. This is likely a sign of trouble with your heater. Maybe your heat pump needs refrigerant or there is trouble with your heat exchanger in your furnace. Whatever is hindering the heating process needs professional service to resolve.
  • Your system is short cycling. Does your heater turn on and off within a few minute’s time? This isn’t a normal occurrence. It is actually a problem known as short cycling and can be seriously harmful to your system. Contact a member of our team to get this issue resolved!
  • You are getting energy bills that are too high. How are your utility bills doing lately? If you are seeing large spikes in your electric and/or gas bills then it may be because something is wrong with your heating system, forcing it to use extra resources.
  • Something smells off. Trust your nose to tell you when something is off! If you smell acrid or gas smells when you run your heater, it is likely that you need to contact a professional for help sooner than later.

Need help getting your heater back into working order? Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule your repairs.

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