The home is less comfortable than normal and you can’t seem to figure out why. You’ve checked the furnace and things are clean and running just fine as much as you can tell. You listened and the igniter did its job just fine, the pilot light looks good, and you don’t smell gas. You did your checks and yet when you walk around the house, you barely feel any warm air coming through the vents. What is going on?

The truth is, your problem could be one that is not seen by the naked eye. We are talking about an issue within your ductwork of course. When your ducts start having trouble, it will negatively impact your home comfort. That is why you need duct repair in Prescott, you should get it addressed ASAP.

What’s Up with My Ducts?

It can be strange to think about your ductwork in your home. This is especially true because they are both unseen and usually untouched…until there is a problem with them. The question is, if you can’t see your ductwork, then how are you supposed to tell that your duct is the source of the problem?

We have some pointers that can help you figure that out.

Sign 1. Hissing or Whistling Sound

What’s that noise? It sounds a little like there is air escaping from somewhere in your home but you can’t find the source. That’s because this is likely being caused by a leak in your ducts.

Sign 2. Weakened Airflow

When there is air leaking out of your ductwork it means that it won’t make it to its intended destination. This leads to reduced and weakened airflow from the vents around your home. If you notice one or two vents that seem to have almost no air coming from them, it means the ducts leading to them have a leak or two.

Sign 3. Reduced Heat but Higher Bills

Of course, when the warm air being created by your heater is able to leak out of a crack in your ductwork, it doesn’t just mean less airflow, it means less heat too. This means your heater has to work twice as hard to heat your home which will be reflected in skyrocketing energy bills.

Sign 4. A Heater That Doesn’t Shut Off

So if your heater has to work harder to heat your home, it will show up in your bills after it shows up in extended run-times for your heater. Take a bit to pay attention to how long your heater is actually running for. Is it the usual 15-minute cycle? Or does it fly past 15 and just keep running without stopping for most of the day? If your heater seems to never finish a heating cycle, it is likely trying to make up for the heating loss caused by leaky ductwork.

When you are having trouble with your ductwork, don’t delay on repairs! Reach out to Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to get your ducts sealed up right. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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