How is your home’s heating comfort? Is it about the same as it has always been? Or have you noticed that things have been more on the chilly side? If you entered 2021 with a heating system that isn’t working properly, we’d urge you to consider making a change before this issue defines the rest of your winter and spring!

What’s the best way to kick off the new year? Well, to us, investing in a new heating system in Prescott Valley is a great way to make sure things get a nice, warm start. Whether you need a heating system replacement or just a repair, Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help.

How to Tell It’s Time For a New Heater

Let’s be clear, we don’t want you to replace a heater that you can still get a decent amount of use from. That means if your system is still working well and isn’t in major need of pricey repairs, it may be better to hold off. It is a great idea to talk to a professional about this if you aren’t sure whether you need repairs or a replacement.

For now, let’s focus on how to tell that you may need a replacement system. Here are the signs to check for:

  • Your system is getting too old. No, we aren’t being rude. The age of your heater is important to consider. If your system is under 10 years old you can probably wait a bit before getting that replacement. On the other hand, a heater that has reached 10 years of use, or bypassed that number a few years ago, will need to be replaced soon.
  • The heater isn’t heating. Sometimes your heater can keep the home warm but at this point, you’ve noticed that, if it turns on at all, it doesn’t provide any heat. A heater that is producing cold air or is unresponsive is one that will need to be retired.
  • Repairs are too expensive and frequent. We love to see our long-time customers and our newer customers. Seeing us far too often though isn’t a good sign. If your heater requires repairs on a yearly basis, it means you should discuss a replacement system with us soon. Additionally, if you discover that a repair is going to cost half as much or more than a new system, it is better to invest your cash in that new system.

Need a Replacement? We’ve Got You Covered

So, does it sound like you have a heater in dire need of retirement? You can come to our team to get the job taken care of. We can disconnect and remove your old heater and get your new unit installed in short order. What’s more, we can work with you to select a heater that works best with your home needs, such as a heat pump, ductless unit, or furnace. We don’t just install the same system you had previously–we want to make sure that you have the best possible heater to warm your home.

Trust the team that has served Prescott Valley since 2002. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your next service.

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