We know, we know, the weather isn’t exactly warm right now so why are we talking about your air conditioner? Believe it or not, while the weather is still on the cool side during spring, before the heat of Arizona kicks in, is when you really want to start thinking about your home cooling system. Why? Because it is the best time to look into scheduling your air conditioner maintenance service.

If you haven’t scheduled your air conditioning maintenance appointment yet because you aren’t sure why you should, we can help. We’ve listed a few reasons that we think you should know about to encourage you to make that appointment in the near future.

Why You Should Schedule Maintenance ASAP

If you are wondering why you should bother with AC maintenance, we want to let you know that you aren’t the only person asking that question. Lots of people are curious about the reason why, so we figured we would give you 3 great reasons as an answer.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency and Operation. A maintenance appointment is going to help your air conditioner operate much more effectively than it would otherwise. Without maintenance, your system loses a certain percentage of its energy efficiency each year. Thankfully though, this service, when performed by professionals, is going to keep your system running in great shape and help it to efficiently use the energy it needs.
  2. Reduced Repair Needs. When you schedule yearly maintenance, it should prevent the need for yearly repairs. Because maintenance helps with addressing a multitude of small issues before they are able to become big repair needs, this service will allow you to enjoy the perk of only needing repairs once every couple of years.
  3. Lowered Energy Bills. When your AC is working effectively and efficiently for longer amounts of time, it will show up in your monthly energy bills. Spiking energy bills are taken as a sign of a problem in your system for a reason. Maintenance, because it keeps your system in great shape, will allow you to enjoy energy bills that are much more reasonable because your AC will only be using the amount of energy it truly needs.

Enjoy Added Perks with Our Maintenance Plan

If you want to enjoy some additional perks from your annual maintenance appointment, you may want to consider our maintenance plan. Not only will this provide you with a guaranteed yearly maintenance appointment, but you’ll also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Priority service
  • High-performance service
  • 20% Discount on menu pricing
  • Parts and labor on HVAC work performed by us
  • No overtime charges
  • Special discounts on plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and more.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a maintenance service for your air conditioner, we are happy to help. Our team of professional technicians can perform a multi-point maintenance service that will have your system operating the way it is meant to so that when the summer heat arrives, you won’t have to sweat over it.

Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating for your next AC service.

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