Your heat pump offers you some unique benefits for your home comfort. Specifically, your heat pump can help to both heat and cool your home. This is why these systems are ideal for homes in areas that don’t see extreme temperatures during the summer and winter seasons.

Now, while your heat pump has the ability to provide heating and cooling comfort to your home, it doesn’t always mean that it can do this without a little extra help. There are a few key things you can do to lend your heat pump a helping hand that will better equip it to do its job as it switches between cooling and heating modes later this year.

3 Tips to Help Your Heat Pump System

Your heat pump works hard to keep you home cool throughout the year. There is nothing wrong with giving a little extra help back to this system to ensure it is able to keep doing its job effectively and efficiently. Here are three tips you should ensure you knock out this fall:

  1. Clean your air filters: The air filters in your heat pump system are meant to keep dirt and debris out of your heat pump’s internal mechanisms. Over time, especially after an Arizona summer, these filters may become clogged enough to hinder airflow into your system and mess with the cooling and heating process. That is why we always recommend cleaning off or changing out filters every few months, or during “in-between” seasons at the least.
  2. Do a test run to check for issues: Yes, we know that no one relishes the idea of turning on the heating mode of their heat pump when it is 80+ degrees outside. That is why we recommend waiting until the evening when the temperatures cool down to do the test run. After the sun sets, set your heat pump into heating mode and raise the temperature on the thermostat to a few degrees higher than what it is currently detecting. Make sure to take note of any issues that you notice so you can alert your technician.
  3. Schedule HVAC maintenance in Prescott Valley, AZ: Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure that you take care of maintenance for your heat pump before you need to fully switch your system into heating mode. Our maintenance services will help ensure that your heat pump is ready for the cooler months ahead and able to operate with the best level of energy efficiency possible. A yearly (bi-annual in the case of a heat pump) tune-up can even help to prevent overly frequent repairs!

Investing some extra time into your heat pump system will go a long way into ensuring your comfort throughout the rest of the year and beyond. This is especially true when you schedule your maintenance and, if necessary, repair services with trained professionals like those at Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating.

We’ve had the pleasure of serving the residents of Prescott Valley for more than 15 years. Schedule your next service with our team today.

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