Your evaporator coil is a highly essential part of your air conditioning system. Without that coil, your AC unit isn’t going to be able to cool any air to provide for your home. But what is it that could hinder the cooling process that your evaporator coil provides?

There is more than one issue that your evaporator coil can run into that is going to hinder the cooling process. However, one of the most common issues is getting dirty. Let us explain why.

Why a Dirty Evaporator Coil is a Problem

To understand why and how a layer of dust and debris on your evaporator coil is a problem, we need to give you a brief description of what this part of your system does.

Your evaporator coil is responsible for holding the refrigerant cycling through your system. While your refrigerant passes through the coil it absorbs heat from the air passing over the coil.

As you may have guessed, if your coil starts to collect a layer of dirt and debris, it is going to hinder the cooling process because it can interrupt the transfer of heat from the air into the refrigerant. If your coil is just barely starting to get dirty, it isn’t likely to make much of a difference. However, if your evaporator coil is covered in a layer of debris, it can hinder or completely stop the cooling process you need your air conditioner to perform.

The worse that layer of debris gets, the worse your home comfort will be. What’s more, the longer a coil is left dirty the more likely it is to start developing additional problems like a layer of ice.

How to Prevent a Dirty Coil

Now that you know a dirty evaporator coil is a problem, you are likely wondering how to prevent this issue from developing. While it won’t be completely avoidable, changing out or cleaning your AC air filter every one to three months will greatly reduce the chances of the coil getting too dirty too quickly.

If you already have an evaporator coil that has a heavy layer of dust and debris, or maybe one that has started to collect ice, the best thing to do will be to contact a professional technician for help. A DIY attempt at fixing this issue is likely to leave your system worse off than when it started.

How We Can Help

Whether you are just trying to keep your evaporator coil clean or your need to deal with a coil that has become too dirty, we can help. The technicians at Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating can provide AC maintenance in Prescott Valley, AZ that will keep your coil clean, avoiding problems for your home comfort. Likewise, if your coil is struggling with heavy debris or even a layer of ice, we can provide repairs that will get your system back to normal.

Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool. Reach out to Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more.

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