There are so many parts within your air conditioner that you can’t do without. Your compressor is one of them. Think of it similarly to a human body, your AC system’s thermostat is the brains of the operation, your refrigerant is the blood, and the compressor can be thought of as the heart. As you can imagine, a problem with the AC compressor is a serious issue.

The question is, however, when something is wrong with your compressor, do you need an AC repair in Prescott Valley, AZ or an AC replacement? We can let you know how to tell the difference between these two service needs for your system so you know what to call us for.

What Does Your Compressor Do?

We know the compressor is important but let us take a moment to explain why. The compressor is the part of your system responsible for compressing your refrigerant so that it cycles through the evaporator coil and absorbs heat. Without your compressor, your AC isn’t going to be able to cool off anything.

When to Replace Your Compressor

When something goes wrong with your AC compressor, you have options on what course of action to take. You don’t always need to replace your entire system when this part gives out. You can choose from one of these options to resolve the issue:

  • Replace the compressor: If your air conditioner has only been in use for a few years and is still under warranty, your technician is likely to suggest simply replacing the compressor itself to repair the AC. You don’t want to shell out extra cash for a replacement that is done far too early.
  • Replace the entire outdoor condenser unit: Did you know you have the option to replace your outdoor condenser unit without replacing your entire air conditioner? This is a decent option if your indoor unit has been replaced recently and will be able to last you for a longer amount of time. Your technician just needs to ensure that your outdoor and indoor units match in efficiency if you go with this course of action.
  • Replace the entire system: This is the option in which your technician finds that your AC is too old and inefficient to salvage. Rather than wasting money on a repair that won’t work for a system that isn’t under warranty, replacing your system will let you enjoy reliable comfort again.

Trust the Pros With Your AC Services

Whether it is a faulty compressor or a dirty filter, if something is wrong with your air conditioner you don’t want to ignore it. The best option in every case is to reach out for professional repairs as soon as you notice there is a problem. No one in Prescott Valley should be without air conditioning during the summer. Let our team help keep you cool this season and beyond.

Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool. Contact Cool Touch Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your next service.

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